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One of the industries that can greatly benefit from a digital revolution in a variety of ways is healthcare. Not only does technology allow for more advanced medical equipment, such as MRI scanners and remote-controlled robot surgeons, but it also allows for better patient care. With the introduction of cutting-edge programs such as digital health monitor apps linked to your smartwatch, or brain training games and meditation guides, the field of medical self-care is likewise becoming more advanced.
Retiink stimulates users in their recovery after a traumatic brain injury with challenging brain training games.

Gamified training

Through the gamification of a recovery process, user engagement is being increased, which stimulates a quicker overall recovery.

Digital support community

Providing patients with an online support community greatly optimizes the overall experience of their recovery process.

Personalized feedback

Instead of going to your doctor, you can now receive personalized health advice on your smartphone.

Centralized health data

By centralizing health data, users can always access their medical documents when needed.

Tailored products

By digitally uploading your measurements, professionals can create tailor-made healthcare products like prosthetics.

AI-powered face scanner

AI technologies can scan your face and give personal feedback on the first impression you make on others.


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