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The music industry has seen a tremendous spurt in digitalization over the past few years. With on-demand streaming platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and even YouTube, we are now able to listen to our favorite songs wherever we are, whenever we want. Besides these booming streaming services, the music industry is continuously looking for ways to enhance the experience of listening to music by making use of the power of technology.
Huggnote is designed to let users share a personal message in the form of music to their special persons in life.

Integrated activity trackers

With an integrated activity tracker, applications can connect people’s behaviours to the music they listen to and learn more about the psychological implications of sound.

Social sharing

Music is personal, and can often send a message or feeling across. By allowing users to share their music with friends, people get closer and bonds get stronger.

In-app media database

By providing a large collection of music in one application, users don’t have to switch between apps to listen to the music they like.


On-demand streaming services allow users to listen to their favorite songs whenever and wherever they want.

Recommendation algorithms

Integrated algorithms can detect what people are listening to and recommend then similar music.

Enhanced experiences

Adding a soundscape option to, for example, a digital tourguide can greatly optimize the travel experience.

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