08 Dec, 2023
Asrul Ash, Content Writer

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Welcome to the latest installment in our 10 Years of Lizard Global blog series, where we take you on an exhilarating journey through a decade of innovation, achievements, and transformative projects. In this edition, we shift our focus to the heartbeat of our success—the diverse industries we've touched, the clients we've partnered with, and the projects that have defined our legacy.

Over the years, Lizard Global has become synonymous with cutting-edge solutions and client satisfaction. This blog unveils the intricacies of our involvement in 24 dynamic industries. We invite you to explore the intricacies of our collaborations, where technological brilliance meets the unique needs of each sector.

Delve into the stories behind the projects, witness the challenges we've overcome, and celebrate the successes that have shaped our journey in the landscapes of E-commerce, FinTech, Human Resources, Education, Real Estate, Food & Beverages, Sports, Maritime, Environment, Tourism, Community, and Government. Join us as we proudly showcase how Lizard Global thrives in the ever-evolving tech landscape, forging partnerships that transcend the ordinary. Let’s begin!

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1. E-commerce: Transforming Digital Storefronts

What is the best e-commerce mobile app development company? Lizard Global has left an indelible mark by crafting innovative solutions that redefine the way consumers engage with products. Let's explore three exemplary projects that showcase our commitment to revolutionizing the digital storefront experience.

Heineken Drinkies: Elevating Your Party Experience

Picture this: the drinks are finished, the party's in full swing, and the nearest store seems miles away. In collaboration with Heineken Malaysia, Lizard Global introduced Drinkies, a groundbreaking platform that solves the age-old dilemma. Drinkies allows users to effortlessly order a wide array of drinks and snacks through a user-friendly app, ensuring doorstep delivery at their convenience. This project not only addressed a common consumer pain point but also exemplified our ability to innovate solutions that seamlessly blend technology with lifestyle needs.

Heineken Starbar: Brewing Success in the Bar Scene

Building on the success of Drinkies, Heineken envisioned a strategy to promote bars featuring Heineken as the preferred supplier. Lizard Global, ever-responsive to client needs, introduced the "Star Bars" feature to the Drinkies application. This addition not only highlighted bars where Heineken products took center stage but also incorporated loyalty and rewards functionalities. By gamifying the experience and encouraging consumers to frequent these designated bars, Lizard Global contributed to the enhanced visibility and success of Heineken in the competitive bar scene.

CNCRD: Revolutionizing Sneaker Commerce in Malaysia

Recognizing the challenges in the Malaysian aftermarket sneaker marketplace, Lizard Global collaborated with CNCRD to introduce a digital platform that transforms the sneaker shopping experience. In an unregulated market, authenticity is a concern for consumers. The CNCRD platform, developed by Lizard Global, stands out as a premier aftermarket sneaker sales platform in the region. It operates as a high-end two-sided marketplace, facilitating personalized matching based on user preferences. By tackling the authenticity issue and providing a seamless, user-friendly experience, Lizard Global has elevated CNCRD as a trusted destination for exclusive sneaker enthusiasts in Malaysia.

2. FinTech: Pioneering Financial Innovation

How to design fintech apps? Lizard Global has been a trailblazer, pushing boundaries to create transformative solutions that bridge gaps in the financial landscape. Let's delve into three outstanding projects that underscore our commitment to pioneering financial innovation.

GWAP: Revolutionizing Digital Transactions Across Currencies

In regions where cash remains the preferred payment method, the dependency on physical currency can pose challenges. In collaboration with GWAP, Lizard Global tackled this issue head-on by developing a web- and mobile application that facilitates online transactions in various currencies. This innovative solution caters to a diverse user base, including merchants and consumers, providing a seamless and secure platform for digital transactions. By addressing the limitations of traditional payment methods, GWAP has become a beacon of financial accessibility and inclusivity.

ROMS (Reach): Transforming Order Management with Real-Time Precision

Recognizing the shortcomings of existing Order Management Systems (OMS), Lizard Global partnered with Reach Software to refine and reimagine the user experience. The result is the Reach Order Management System (ROMS), a custom software solution that goes beyond static data, offering real-time insights and unparalleled flexibility. Tailored for resellers, providers, and consumers, ROMS ensures accurate, honest, and efficient order management.

Baiduri Bank: Gamifying Financial Education for the Future

In an era where digitalization and media influence shape financial perspectives from a young age, Baiduri Bank envisioned a digital solution to educate children about financial decision-making. Lizard Global responded by creating a gamified platform that engagingly imparts financial knowledge. The application, designed to be both informative and entertaining, rewards children for acquiring essential financial knowledge. By blending education with gamification, Lizard Global has contributed to building a financially literate future generation, emphasizing the value of money in an increasingly digitized world.

3. Human Resources: Revolutionizing Workforce Management

Lizard Global has been a catalyst for change, introducing solutions that streamline processes, enhance cultural alignment, and redefine the way employers and job-seekers connect. Here are three exemplary projects that showcase our commitment to revolutionizing workforce management.

GetHired: Simplifying Job Searches and Interviews

Recognizing the evolving landscape of job recruitment, Lizard Global collaborated with GetHired to develop an innovative solution that simplifies the hiring process for both employers and job-seekers. The GetHired app allows job-seekers to apply without the need for a traditional CV. Instead, they create a profile that is assessed by employers based on relevance, ensuring a strong person-organization fit. The integration of chatbots aids employers in organizing interviews efficiently, significantly reducing the time spent on the hiring process. GetHired stands as a testament to Lizard Global's commitment to optimizing job searches and fostering seamless communication between employers and candidates.

PeopleHive: Nurturing Cultural Alignment within Organizations

In the pursuit of fostering a healthy organization-environment fit, Lizard Global partnered with PeopleHive to create an app that assesses cultural alignment within organizations. By conducting in-app surveys, PeopleHive analyzes the presence of desired norms and values within organizations. The app then provides valuable recommendations and advice to help organizations enhance their strategic cultural alignment.

Venture Café Talent Portal: Bridging Talent and Opportunities

Understanding the need to extend reach and provide additional value to both online and in-person attendees of Venture Café's weekly networking events, Lizard Global developed the Venture Café Talent Portal. This web application enables companies to post vacancies for free, offering a platform for talents to discover job opportunities that align with their criteria. The mobile and desktop application streamlines the process for employers to upload job offers, providing a user-friendly experience for job seekers to search and select opportunities that match their desired criteria.

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4. Education: Shaping the Future of Learning

Which is the best Edtech app development company? Lizard Global has been a pioneer, introducing transformative projects that address critical issues and reshape the way students and educators engage with learning. Here are two exemplary projects that highlight our commitment to shaping the future of education.

SHFT: Bridging the Employment Gap Through E-Learning

In response to the employment gap in Malaysia, where skills and qualifications often misalign between job seekers and employers, Lizard Global designed SHFT—a groundbreaking e-learning platform. SHFT serves as a bridge, connecting fresh graduates with industry partners and dynamic study materials. The platform focuses on teaching real-world skills, enhancing employability through practical learning experiences, and providing applicable certificates. By leveraging the power of e-learning and strategic partnerships, SHFT empowers learners to gain the skills they need to succeed in the workforce, effectively addressing the skills gap and contributing to a more resilient job market.

Tracker Apps: Streamlining Skill Recording in the IB's Diploma Programme

Recognizing the complexity of recording, evidencing, and reporting the skills that students develop in the International Baccalaureate's (IB) Diploma Programme (DP), Lizard Global introduced Tracker Apps. Comprising Skill Tracker and Service Tracker, these applications provide a coherent platform for students to record and track the development of learner profile attributes and approaches to learning skills (ATLs). Skill Tracker encourages students to individually monitor ATL skill development, while Service Tracker enables the recording of service learning plans, activities, reflection, and experience. Teachers, in turn, can easily track student progress. By empowering students to take ownership of their skill development and facilitating efficient tracking for educators, Tracker Apps streamline the process of skill recording in the IB's Diploma Programme, enhancing the overall educational experience.

5. Real Estate: Modernizing Property Management and Transactions

How to choose the best web and mobile app development company? In the landscape of real estate, Lizard Global has been at the forefront, revolutionizing property management and transactions. Here are three exemplary projects that showcase our commitment to modernizing the real estate sector.

Bricklinq: Simplifying Property Portfolio Management

Property owners often face a complex and time-consuming process when managing and expanding their real estate portfolios. Recognizing this challenge, Bricklinq partnered with Lizard Global to create a platform that streamlines property management for both property owners and tenants. This innovative solution offers tailored information and assistance, empowering users to efficiently navigate and optimize their portfolio-related tasks. By addressing the gaps in existing options, Bricklinq has become a valuable tool for property stakeholders, promoting efficiency and effectiveness in property portfolio management.

KeyValley: Creating Equality in the Dutch Housing Market

In a housing market with more buyers than sellers, achieving a level playing field is crucial to stabilize housing prices. KeyValley collaborated with Lizard Global to develop a two-sided marketplace that connects buyers and sellers directly, eliminating the need for intermediaries like realtors. This platform employs a matchmaking system, providing equal chances for everyone involved in buying and selling real estate. By maximizing the efficiency of the process, KeyValley and Lizard Global have played a pivotal role in creating a fair and transparent environment in the Dutch housing market.

Brickler: Revolutionizing Mortgage Processes with NN

The Nationale Nederlanden (NN) aimed to enhance the house-searching experience by creating a central platform where users could navigate the process step by step, including arranging a mortgage. Teaming up with NN, Lizard Global developed Brickler—a digital platform that allows users to request a mortgage through a mobile app. This cost-effective solution provides a seamless and user-friendly experience for house seekers, simplifying the traditionally complex process of searching for a home and securing a mortgage.

6. Food & Beverages: Enhancing Culinary Experiences

Why mobile apps are important for restaurants? In the vibrant realm of Food and Beverages, Lizard Global has made a significant impact by introducing innovative solutions that enhance culinary experiences and redefine how people interact with food and drinks. One exemplary project in this sector is the collaboration with Heineken Malaysia to create the revolutionary platform, Drinkies.

Heineken Drinkies: Redefining Convenience in Beverage Delivery

Ever found yourself in a situation where the drinks run out, the party is still going strong, and the nearest store feels like miles away? Enter Drinkies—a groundbreaking platform developed by Lizard Global in collaboration with Heineken Malaysia. This solution tackles the common dilemma of needing more beverages but being unable to drive after indulging in a few drinks. Drinkies allows users to easily order from a diverse collection of drinks and snacks through a user-friendly app. The ordered items are then efficiently delivered to your doorstep whenever you desire, ensuring that the celebration continues without a hitch.

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7. Sports: Elevating Event Management and Diving Experiences

How much does it cost to develop a sports app? Lizard Global has left an indelible mark in the landscape of Sports by introducing transformative projects that enhance event management and create community-driven experiences. Two notable projects exemplifying our commitment are Aposto and Duikersgids.

Aposto: Revolutionizing Training for Event Managers

Staging and event managers face the challenge of ensuring that the employees assigned to their events are not only properly trained but also retain the information crucial for creating a pleasant experience for visitors. Lizard Global addressed this challenge by developing a digital platform for Aposto—a solution that empowers staging and event managers to clearly identify, disseminate, and track essential knowledge that needs to be transferred to employees. This platform goes beyond traditional methods, such as short fact sheets or verbal briefings, by providing a comprehensive and digital approach to training. The results speak for themselves as employees are better prepared for their event-day experiences, and managers can make informed decisions regarding hiring and promotions.

Duikersgids: Creating a Community-Driven Diving Experience

Addressing the challenge of enhancing the diving experience for enthusiasts, Lizard Global designed the Duikersgids mobile application—a minimal viable product (MVP) that not only provides all relevant information for divers but also fosters a sense of community. This app has garnered thousands of annual users for five consecutive years, creating a vibrant and community-driven environment for diving enthusiasts. Duikersgids enables divers to share valuable information with each other, ultimately enriching the collective diving experience.

8. Maritime: Navigating the Seas of Sustainable and Real-Time Solutions

In the vast expanse of the Maritime industry, Lizard Global has been a trailblazer, delivering solutions that address sustainability challenges and introduce real-time tracking technologies. Two significant projects exemplifying our commitment in this sector are SKOON and WAPA.

SKOON: Revolutionizing Mobile and Clean Energy Deployment

SKOON, with its Skoonbox, sought a sustainable solution for the decentralization of energy supplies, primarily targeting the maritime industry. The Skoonbox, a viable energy container, provides a unique solution not only for maritime applications but also for on-shore situations such as events, venues, construction sites, and disaster areas. In collaboration with SKOON, Lizard Global created the Skoon Cloud platform—a comprehensive system offering insights into battery and energy usage and logistics. This platform features clean data visualizations and facilitates flawless communication between owners and users of energy storage.

WAPA (Vanbreda): Real-Time Vessel Tracking and Risk Management

For Vanbreda, Lizard Global implemented real-time tracking technologies through the WAPA (War and Piracy Area) platform. Leveraging the Automatic Identification System (AIS), vessels are tracked via satellites, providing crucial information through an API. The WAPA desktop platform allows users to view their vessel's location, velocity, and direction in real-time, with color-coded indicators for risk assessment. Green signifies the vessel is clear of risks, orange indicates a possibility of entering a high-risk area within 24 hours, and red signifies that the vessel is currently inside a high-risk area or hasn't been tracked for 24+ hours. The WAPA interface empowers users to manage and edit policies, fleet details, risk zones, map and list views, vessels, daily digests, and voyages. By introducing this real-time tracking and risk management solution, Lizard Global has contributed to enhancing safety and efficiency in maritime operations.

9. Environment: Empowering Sustainability through Information Access

In the realm of environmental sustainability, Lizard Global has been at the forefront, delivering solutions that empower individuals and organizations with information to support green initiatives. One notable project exemplifying our commitment is the collaboration with AirTurb.

AirTurb: Fostering Environmental Awareness Through Digital Solutions

AirTurb identified a gap in the market—a lack of customer-centric applications providing users with real-time information on energy generation rates, locations, and detailed insights into their wind turbines. In response to this challenge, Lizard Global developed a web-based application for AirTurb customers. This innovative digital solution aims to provide users with comprehensive information about the energy generated by their wind turbines and access to detailed information about the turbines themselves.

The goal of the application is to foster environmental awareness and empower AirTurb customers to make informed decisions about their energy consumption and the performance of their wind turbines. By providing real-time data and insights, the application not only enhances customer engagement but also contributes to the broader goal of promoting sustainable energy practices.

10. Tourism: Transforming Travel Experiences with Innovative Apps

How to make a tourism app? Lizard Global has played a significant role in transforming travel experiences through the introduction of innovative apps. Two standout projects exemplifying our commitment to this sector are Travereel and the River Cruise App.

Travereel: Empowering Social Marketers in the Philippines

Recognizing the emerging trend of video-selling through affiliate marketing in the Philippines, Lizard Global collaborated with Travereel to design a mobile app that revolutionizes the way travel-related services are marketed. The app empowers social marketers to edit and publish videos, as well as host live streams, providing consumers with an immersive and interactive platform to explore and discover exciting travel services such as hotel stays. This not only addresses the current limitations in the market but also enables businesses to efficiently manage service details like availability and locations.

River Cruise App: Elevating the River Cruise Experience in Europe

Understanding the hassles associated with organizing a trip, River Cruise App envisioned an all-in-one solution to enhance the river cruise experience in Europe. Lizard Global took on the challenge by re-designing the existing app and implementing a range of new features. From authentication and geofencing to a location-based audioguide, chat function, notice board, travel wallet, feedback options, a photo feature, and an offline mode—the app has become an indispensable companion for travelers exploring the beautiful waterways of Europe. This comprehensive app not only provides practical features for a smooth journey but also incorporates elements of history, culture, personal tips, and fun facts to enrich the overall travel experience.

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11. Community: Fostering Connection and Learning

What are community-building apps? Lizard Global has been instrumental in creating platforms that foster connection and learning. Two projects that showcase our commitment to this sector are Swap Swap and Flexpackerz.

Swap Swap: Empowering Language Learning with Oversight

Language learning can be challenging, especially when circumstances are less than ideal or there's a lack of oversight. Swap Swap recognized this challenge and partnered with Lizard Global to develop an online platform that facilitates language exchange among students, with parents having oversight every step of the way. The platform empowers students and parents to make conscious decisions about language exchange partners, creating a family account to connect with other students who share similar interests. This ensures a safe and monitored environment while protecting privacy-sensitive information.

Flexpackerz: Connecting Flexworkers in Coworking Spaces

In the era of increasing flexwork, the need for social interaction among workers has become more important than ever. Flexpackerz, a mobile application developed by Lizard Global, addresses this need by providing a platform for flex workers to come together in coworking spaces. The app shows nearby flex working spaces and includes a chat function that enables users to connect with others and collaborate. With Flexpackerz, the entire world becomes your office, fostering a sense of community and collaboration among flex workers.

12. Government: Innovating Civic Engagement and Digital Marketing

Lizard Global has made a significant impact in the landscape of government services and digital marketing, by introducing projects that innovate civic engagement and enhance market presence. Two standout projects that exemplify our commitment to this sector are ACTnow and InvestKL.

ACTnow: Streamlining Civic Complaints and Issue-Resolution

Recognizing the inefficiencies in traditional processes of filing complaints with local councils, Lizard Global developed ACTnow—an innovative tool that streamlines issue reporting and resolution. ACTnow empowers citizens to report issues promptly and track the progress of their resolution. One key feature is the ability to file complaints anonymously, providing a secure platform for users to voice their concerns. Municipalities benefit from efficient issue prioritization by filtering on relevance, enabling them to address and resolve problems promptly.

InvestKL: Elevating Digital Marketing for Market Presence

Facing challenges in digital marketing and market presence, InvestKL sought Lizard Global's expertise to position itself as the most attractive partner for multinational corporations (MNCs). Lizard Global focused on data science and digital marketing, conducting SEO audits and optimizations to upgrade the digital newsletter and drive more relevant internet traffic through improved SEO scores. By aligning digital strategies with market demands, InvestKL enhanced its online visibility and digital presence, showcasing Lizard Global's proficiency in leveraging technology to elevate digital marketing and market positioning for government initiatives.

Lizard Global: Transforming Industries, Empowering Innovation, Your Trusted Partner Worldwide

As we traverse the diverse landscapes of E-commerce, FinTech, Human Resources, Education, Real Estate, Food & Beverages, Sports, Maritime, Environment, Tourism, Community, and Government, it becomes evident that Lizard Global stands at the forefront of innovation, transforming industries and empowering businesses to reach new heights. Our journey through these 12 industries unveils a tapestry of cutting-edge projects, each a testament to our commitment to excellence in web and mobile application development.

In celebration of Lizard Global's 10th-year anniversary, we take pride in our role as a trailblazer, a catalyst for change, and a trusted partner worldwide. Whether it's revolutionizing language learning with Swap Swap, enhancing the river cruise experience with the River Cruise App, or streamlining civic engagement with ACTnow, our projects reflect our dedication to solving real-world challenges and driving positive impact.

At Lizard Global, we don't just create applications; we craft solutions that resonate with your business goals and push the boundaries of what's possible. Our global presence in Malaysia, the Netherlands, Singapore, Australia, Belgium, and beyond positions us as your ideal partner in the digital realm. Our diverse portfolio across industries showcases our versatility, proficiency, and ability to transform ideas into tangible, innovative solutions.

Contact us today to embark on a journey of collaboration, creativity, and success. Join us in celebrating a decade of excellence and forward-looking innovation. Your vision, our expertise - a partnership for success! Get in touch!

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10 Years of Lizard Global

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