Digital Solutions for the Wholesale Industry

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The wholesale industry consists of a broad variety of complex processes to continuously manufacture and distribute products around the globe. With the emergence of robotics, smart factories, and process automation, the wholesale industry made a massive step in its digital transformation over the past few years.
CVC provides an order management dashboard, providing insights into current and future factory orders.

Digital order management system

A platform for tracking and managing current and upcoming orders.

Automated processes

Automated processes take over manual work and greatly reduce the risk of human error.

Machine learning technologies

Smart technologies, such as machine learning, are used to automate order processing and save both time and money.

Data dashboard

A centralized data dashboard for continuous insight into valuable data and metrics that matter.

Data reports

By closely analyzing essential user data, you can continuously optimize your services and products.

In-app product catalogue

An integrated product catalog in which users can filter, browse, select and purchase a digital or physical product.

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