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With the emergence of smart technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and algorithms, industries are becoming more and more independent from human interference. Now computer systems are able to communicate with one another without requiring manual guidance (IoT), an increasing number of processes go through a transformation of becoming fully digital and automated.
CVC provides a planning and order management dashboard, giving insights into current and upcoming factory orders.

Barcode scanner

With an in-app barcode scanner, retail and wholesale workers can keep track of their products within one application.

Data dashboard

Data dashboards provide insights into important processes and order statuses, giving employees more control over their work.

QR Code generator & scanner

Integrated QR code generators and scanners can efficiently help users share their digital content with other users.

Machine learning technologies

Smart technologies, such as machine learning, are used to automate order processing and save both time and money.


Robots are used to optimize the workflows and order processes in smart factories.

In-app product catalogue

An integrated product catalog in which users can filter, browse, select and purchase a digital or physical product.

Inventory management software

Custom solutions that provide resellers, providers, and consumers order management in an accurate, honest, and efficient way.

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