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As the name suggests, the online industry relies fundamentally on technology. Before the emergence of technology, there was no “online”. However, that doesn’t mean that the online industry is still experiencing major changes through digital transformations. More and more of our lives happen online. From funeral services to job management, all industries are included.
A platform where users can upload, review and update their professional documents to optimally prepare them for the job market.

Online obituaries

A platform that provides its users with online insights into recent obituary announcements.

Centralized document management

Users can upload, access, and manage all their needed documents in one single online environment.

Online education

Online available education resources allow access to education on a worldwide scale.

Social media connection & invites

Connections to social media platforms allow users to share content on their own social channels and invite friends/contacts to the app.

Community-driven platform

Stimulating user engagement by relying on community activities and communication.

Offline access

To ensure users can access their content at all times, an integrated offline function is required.


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