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The publishing sector competes with the widespread availability of free content and a declining number of traditional readers. In order to keep up, the publishing sector will need to digitize its services. They will need to embrace data-driven technology architectures to incorporate these changes, which will eventually lead to organizational culture transformation, improved customer reach, and increased revenue.
Authorly is a crowdfunding platform to connect small authors with a publishing agency.

Digital novel management

Users can easily upload, manage and find readings they are interested in, in one single application with extensive filtered search options.

Integrated reader

With an integrated reader, users can read their favorite articles, novels and comics on their smartphones, with online and offline access.

Optimized readability

When reading a novel on your phone, developers need to make sure that it’s readable for everyone.

Reading library

Applications consist of an extensive library of all types of readings, stored in the cloud and accessible on any device.

Crowdfunding campaign management

Users can create and manage crowdfunding campaigns for their own publications.

Social sharing

Found a nice article or book you’d like to share? With integrated social media connections, you can easily share it with your friends.


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