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The industry of the environment relies heavily on technological advancements. Not only were we able to track environmental changes and real-time weather updates with innovative solutions, it can also help us fight climate change and all environmental disasters that might occur when we don’t take action.
SkyEcho is a cutting-edge weather predictor, working more precisely than other weather prediction apps and providing imagery in HD.

Precise weather forecasting

Using the latest tracking and prediction technologies, we implemented forecasting functionalities that are much more precise than existing solutions.

Real-time location tracking

With real-time and precise location tracking technologies, users can discover their surroundings in detail.

High Definition visualizations

High definition weather visualizations provide users with an optimized user experience.


With an integrated location tracker and geo-fencing technology, users can clear nature parks near them.

Gamified learning

Users can follow walking and cycling routes while at the same time obtaining location-based knowledge in a playful way.

Enhanced outdoor activities

By combining tech with outdoor experiences, users are stimulated to go into nature more often.

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