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Rapid and disruptive change is nothing new in the automobile business. Trends such as digital connectivity, IoT, wireless solutions, and heightened customer expectations are driving investments in digitalization. From design to manufacture, distribution, and retail, technology has already made an entrance in many elements of the automotive industry.
Van Eijck’s Vehicle Recovery System (VRS) helps emergency centers efficiently plan and shoot reparation tasks to employees.
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Backend service control

A centralized service control system allows users to easily follow up on accidents, including processes like invoicing and processing insurance claims.

Workflow management

A digitized workflow management system allows emergency employees to work more independently and efficiently.

GPS tracker

With GPS tracking systems, automobile repair services can track the exact location of motorists in need of support.

Data analytics

By closely analyzing essential user data, you can continuously optimize your services and products.

Damage record cam

With an integrated camera, you can record damages on your vehicle so service providers can better prepare for reparation.

Optimized communication

With the ability to stay in touch with your services provider through your app, smoother communication is ensured.

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