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The gaming industry, like every other industry that operates in the digital world, not only depends on but is also highly influenced by technological advancements. While video gaming consoles are continuously advancing and our app stores are bursting with gaming apps, more and more non-gaming applications are also integrating gamified features to increase user engagement.
With Aposto, event managers can teach and prepare their employees for a match-day in a gamified way.

Gamified learning

Turning learning into a playful experience can greatly improve the overall learning experience and eventual results.

Progress tracker

With a progress tracker, users can keep track of their learning experience and keep up with their progress in a gamified way.

Reward systems

Reward systems stimulate users to keep interacting with the app in order to progress in the game.

Digital membership subscriptions

Users can choose from different in-app memberships to obtain more levels and difficulties.

Secure online payments

A secured integrated payment system allows users to make in-app purchases of memberships and in-game items.

Cryptocurrency integration

Instead of dealing with real money, users can choose to earn and pay with cryptocurrencies, such as BitCoin.

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