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The Community Industry can be interpreted in various ways. Basically, anything that involves a group of people interacting can be considered part of the community industry. Since the emergence of the Internet communities doesn't just exist in offline arenas like your local sports club or a student organization. The social media platforms we all use on a daily basis now form a major part of the communities we surround ourselves with.
Flexpackerz is a community-driven platform for remote workers searching for flex work locations near them.

Chat functionalities & in-app discussions

Integrating chat functionalities allows users to get in touch with other users of an application and start interesting discussions.

Social media connection & invites

Connections to social media platforms allow users to share content on their own social channels and invite friends/contacts to the app.

Detailed profile customization

Detailed profile customization heightens the user experience and engagement, providing a sense of individuality within an online community.

Data protection

Like in all our solutions, data protection plays an important role. Because the community sector involves a lot of human interaction, the protection of personal information is a number one priority.

Remote working solutions

Users can find communal flex working locations near them and connect with other flex workers.

Reviews & recommendations

By rating certain community activities and experiences, your connections know what to expect.

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