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Over the last decade, technology has also had an impact on the lives of our furry friends. In recent years, mobile app development in the pet industry has exploded, and the popularity of pet apps is skyrocketing among pet owners.
The PETS app offers centralization of information and control over your pet’s documents, benefiting both pet owners and service providers in the industry.

Centralized pet management

Users can upload, access, and manage their pet’s information at all times within one single digital environment.

In-app service provider

Location-based pet-related services are easily findable within one app, allowing users to efficiently book and manage appointments with vets, trimmers, etc.

Community-driven platform

Pet owners can connect with each other in a digital environment, sharing their experiences as pet owners with specific service providers.

Digital vet

Instead of going to your vet, you can now receive personalized advice for your pet on your smartphone.

Digital knowledge base

Pet owners can easily find the right information about the care of their pets through educational apps.

Pet care

By connecting pet owners with pet sitters, owners can find a trustworthy caretaker for their pet when they’re not home.

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