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The tourism industry can benefit immensely from the power of digitization. Not only can you now easily digitally book a trip from your doorstep to your luxurious five-star hotel bed, all from the comfort of your couch. Tourism applications are becoming so innovative that you can now enhance your travel experiences with in-app audio travel guides, community-made backpacking routes, and much more.
The River Cruise App enhances your journey alongside the rivers of Europe with in-app audio tours, knowledge libraries, and fitting musical scores.
River Cruise AppRiver Cruise AppRiver Cruise App

In-app location-based knowledge library

While traveling, you can explore the world around you with your in-app pocket guide, with all the necessary information.

Offline availability

As a traveler, you might end up in places without an internet connection. Offline access to your app is therefore a must-have.


A GPS location tracker is essential when exploring new locations around the globe, providing you with the quickest routes and insights into the best tourist destinations like restaurants and shopping areas.

Community recommendations

When discovering a new city, the number of places to visit can be overwhelming. With an online community that has already visited and rated all these spots, it gets much easier to choose.

Currency exchanges

By using money exchange solutions you can turn your leftover cash of a foreign currency into your own currency.

Information Guides

While traveling, you might not want to look at your phone screen all the time. Instead, you can listen to any info with an audio guide.

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