Digital Solutions for the Sports Industry

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The sports industry is currently estimated to be worth over $500 billion dollars. That number alone shows why it’s essential for businesses in the sports industry to stay on top of their game by undergoing a digital transformation. Using immersive technologies like augmented and virtual reality to offer an incredibly engaging viewing experience, sports companies can compete with streaming services.
A gamified mobile application for staging/event managers to prepare employees in skill and knowledge for an event day.

Knowledge sharing

Real-time insights in user performances and knowledge/skill sharing.

Objective promotion decision-making

By tracking the knowledge of individual employees it is possible to make more accurate and unbiased decisions regarding promotion and hiring.

Gamified learning experience

Implemented gamified features to increase user engagement and optimize the learning experience.

Community-driven platform

Stimulating user engagement by relying on community activities and communication.


Users can follow their favourite sports from the comfort of their own couch.


By sharing experiences of sports-related experiences and locations, other users know what to expect.

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