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Loyalty and reward programs are closely connected with the e-commerce industry, and therefore influenced a lot by the impact of technological advancements. While the e-commerce industry is growing rapidly, data-driven loyalty & reward programs are popping up everywhere to stimulate revenue. Nowadays, brands implement gamification and point systems in their apps to heighten user engagement and long-term customer loyalty.
Status-K, The City is a perfect example of a gamified application that stimulates users to earn and spend “Koins” for rewards.


Gamified features stimulate users to interact with their app and continue to play for points and rewards.

Digital membership subscriptions

Users can choose from different in-app memberships to obtain a higher number of points and bigger rewards.

Secure online payments

A secured integrated payment system allows users to make in-app purchases of rewards.

Cryptocurrency integration

Instead of dealing with real money, users can choose to earn and pay with cryptocurrencies, such as BitCoin.

Reward systems

Reward systems stimulate users to keep interacting with the app in order to progress in the game.

Social media connection & invites

Connections to social media platforms allow users to share content on their own social channels and invite friends/contacts to the app.

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